What is Emergency Preparedness?

Impending Disaster - Are you Prepared for it and it's aftermath?

Impending Disaster – Are you Prepared for it and it’s aftermath?

What is Emergency Preparedness?

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Emergency preparedness is one way of saving yourself from complications and difficulties that may arise from natural and man-made disasters that can be life-threatening when they occur.

Most people lose their lives during emergency situations involving some natural disasters and other such emergencies because they never paid attention to emergency preparedness. Preparing yourself for likely emergency will help keep you alive before help and medical aid arrives.

Some emergency situations that can occur without warning and call for urgent attention include flooding, earthquake, tsunamis, landslides, bomb attacks, building collapse, etc. The natural disasters kill many in their wake out of exhaustion, lack of food, drinking water and immediate medical attention.

Emergency preparedness should include training and things to do to save lives when disasters strike. Some these things can include first aid treatment to those in grave conditions and other such care.

When disasters occur, it takes some time for bodies like Red Cross, government agencies and paramedics to arrive the scene in order to provide help for the trapped and injured. Certain foods are integral parts of emergency preparedness. There are emergency preparedness kits that can help keep people alive with good nutrition and hydration till help comes.


A Bare Minimum to have on-hand.

A Bare Minimum to have on-hand.


Emergency preparedness goes a long way to educate us and put us in the best position to help people around us when they cannot help themselves during emergencies. Emergency preparedness deals with both man-made and natural disasters and ways they can be prevented, managed and handled when they occur.

The whole aim of emergency preparedness is to reduce the overall impact of these disasters at all levels. In emergency preparedness, all hands should be on deck to achieve the common aim-a partnership among all levels of government such as federal, state, and local levels. Non-governmental organizations and communities equally have important roles to play when it comes to emergency preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness is important because without prior planning, warning and training, you are at a disadvantage to successfully deal with an adverse situation.


How many people knew this was coming, yet did nothing to prepare?

How many people knew this was coming, yet did nothing to prepare?


Additionally, Emergency Preparedness is not only about acquiring stocks of supplies and equipment to weather a storm.  Fundamentally, it is a state of mind.  In the military, it is called “war-gaming”.  Thinking about what can go wrong so that thought or effort can be directed at the issue to mitigate potential risks and hazards and thus lessen the impact of a disaster.  It is not about paranoia and retreating to the mountains when something happens, but rather a way of life towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  Relying on yourself rather than established institutions which cannot hope to deal with anything large-scale.

Keep in mind, emergencies are not always natural in origin.  Man-made disasters and emergencies are also common.  Bombings, hijackings, terrorist attacks, arson (wildfires or buildings), assaults and kidnappings.  These are all emergencies that occur and, with proper preparations can be loss likely to succeed in their intent.


How ready are you to deal with this?  Is your area at high risk?

How ready are you to deal with this? Is your area at high risk?


Ultimately, Emergency Preparedness is a state of mind.  Make a plan, build a kit, follow your plan and be ready.  Keep informed, and be alert.  Stay aware of your surroundings and the goings-on in the world and never take for granted that nothing can go wrong.

Remember, Murphy is always around someplace.

Be safe, be well, be aware, be prepared and be free from fear.


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