The G.H.B. (Get Home Bag)

Why You Should Consider Assembling One

By: Ghost – August 6, 2014


A lot of time is spent on preparing for emergencies with focus on being at home when it occurs.  The fact is that most people work 40-plus hours a week and chances are when some emergency strikes, you’ll be at work.

Enter the G.H.B. (or Get Home Bag).  This is another version of the “grab and go” bag or “bug out bag”.  However, the aim of this bag is to get you from your place of work to your home or pre-established safe zone.

What You Should Consider Packing

Keep your bag in your desk or some other place safe.  It must be rapidly accessible and



should attract no attention from a boss, co-worker or other passer-by.  I would recommend something appropriate for your workplace.  (i.e. if you wo
rk in an office setting, people might notice your BlackHawk tactical 3-Day assault pack in camo, whereas a simple messenger bag or plain knapsack would be commonplace.) Your GHB can also double as a mini personal-support kit at work when you need it.  There are many times when I need something from my GHB at work and it saves my butt.  Wondering what?  Here is a list of what I recommend you have in your bag:

  • A short, full-tang knife and/or multi-tool
  • Bottle of Water (or an empty bottle you can quickly fill)
  • STURDY footwear (to support you on the hike home)
  • Method of water purification (tabs or filter – Aquatabs? LifeStraw?)
  • Small roll of duct tape
  • 25+ feet of 550lb paracord
  • Heavy-duty garbage bag
  • Small flashlight (reliable w/ extra batteries if required
  • 2-4 chem-light glow sticks (red/white, or blue/amber if winter
  •  A few food sources (energy bars, GORP, granola bars,etc.)
  •  Sewing kit (small, travel-sized)
  • Selected medications (Additional prescriptions, Advil, Tylenol, Gravol, Caffeine?)
  •  Small pry bar
  • Small stash of cash and change (including tokens or tickets for public transit)
  •   Spare set of keys (for vehicle and house)
  • Spare charger or battery for your cell phone (ready to go in the bag at all times)
  • Sturdy, rugged footwear
  •    Change of clothes appropriate for the possible weather, terrain and duration for your trip home. (This is HUGELY important). You should keep tough, climate appropriate clothes and footwear to change into if you have to make the trek home.  You don’t want to not make it because of injury due to terrain or death from exposure).
  • Extra socks (preferably wool)
  • Map (with primary, secondary and tertiary routes marked) and compass.
  • Small pad of paper, black permanent marker, pen and pencil.
  • A lighter (simple, Bic) & candle
  •  Personal Care items (a few tampons/pads, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, travel toothbrush & toothpaste, etc.)
  • First Aid Kit: (a few gauze pads, band-aids, nitrile gloves, CPR mask, Quik-Clot, N95 mask, EMT shears, extra maxi pads for pressure dressings, )
  •  Weapon (baton, pepperspray, firearm – personal choice and only IF LEGAL! to do so.  I’d sooner recommend taking some self-defense training.)




This is a great foundation to start with.  Also, be prepared to leave a lot of things behind.  If the situation is dire enough, you may have to leave your vehicle at work or on the way home.  Be sure to regularly rotate the food and water in your Bag, check expiry dates on any medications, check batteries and refill consumables as necessary.  Change or add items as required, according to changing seasons or approaching weather.  Being aware helps you to be prepared.


If your family needs you but the way is impassable by car, you may have to get there on foot.  On a less-serious note, you may be forced to stay overn
ight in a hotel or even in the office if it’s bad enough on the roads, so if you add a change of underwear, spare shirt, pants, extra sweater and socks, you could be back at work and be none the worse for wear.  The good thing about it is your GHB resides at your work, so it’s an out of the way fixture but always there if you need it.  Having your GHB in place at work promotes confidence and


reduces fear in the face of a crisis.  If you know the contents of your GHB inside and out and are proficient in their uses, you will be able to better handle a crisis thank those around you.  Your piece of mind will quell fear and panic, allowing you clear thought and a better chance of making it home safely to your family.  Be prepared, be ready, be free from fear.

Be well,



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