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Ghost – Author and Webmaster

Ghost was born in Toronto, Canada.  He travelled widely in his youth and spent much time in the outdoors.   In his late teens, he joined the Canadian Forces (R) as an Infantryman.  He later moved on to Intelligence and is currently serving with the Military Police.  In his civilian life, Ghost stared out with an education in Justice Studies and began his career with the Federal Government as a Customs Officer, holding different positions within the agency.  Currently, Ghost is an Inspector, Security & Emergency Preparedness, with the Federal Department of Transport, having worked in the Marine and Aviation environments.


In the wilds of Northern British Columbia.

Barren Iceland.

Barren Iceland.


Before a skydive.


Through the treetops of Panama.

survival course 2012 group photo

Wilderness Survival Training – Algonquin.

2012 IMG_0395

With the Army…Kingston.


Beneath the Waves.

Additionally, he has certifications in Outdoor Education and Adult Learning facilitation.  Ghost is also an Honourary Colonel, commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky (Kentucky Colonel, Aide de Camp) in recognition for his civic service.

Ghost also has the following interests and training:

  • National Emergency Preparedness Course (Fed);
  • Extensive firearms training & active shooter;
  • Disaster preparedness instructor (WSC);
  • Inter-Agency Contraband Interdiction;
  • Multi-modal incident management & response;
  • Outdoor pursuits (running, diving, jumping, camping);
  • Teaching personal survival and preparedness.

****Disclaimer:  This website, and the information, ideas, opinions and references that it offers, opines, infers, or states is in no way to take the place of professional training or properly practiced skills.  This will not guarantee you will survive a disaster or emergency, but through my experience will increase your chances of survival through experience, skill and training.  Learn for yourself, get training, read, ask, practice and, above all, know your limitations.  Survival is not to be taken lightly and many of the ideas discussed are for times where your life (or that of your family) may be in danger.  www.survalfree.com does not recommend, condone or promote illegal acts.  The reader is responsible for their own actions and www.survivalfree.com holds no liability for actions taken by anyone.  We promote ethical and law-abiding methods towards risk mitigation and fear reduction  The Author is providing you with information so that you can have the knowledge and can choose, at your own risk, to act on that knowledge.  The Author likewise urges all readers to be aware of their health status, personal limitations, local laws and to consult health care and outdoor professionals prior to engaging in any potentially hazardous activity.  Any use of the information found on this website is made on the reader’s own good judgement.  The Author and www.survivalfree.com assume no liability for personal injury to the reader or others harmed by the reader, property damage, consequential damage or loss, however caused, by using the information on this website..  

Be safe.  Be free of fear.  Survive. – Ghost****

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